One down, one to go

Last year on December 15 I was accepted to Regis University’s MBA program. In the past year I’ve taken classes in project management, business law, leadership, HR, and accounting/finance. I’ve also met a great cohort and received a high level of support from the Regis staff.

With one year left until I graduate, I feel anxiety about what I should learn next. Maybe this is what Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn and host of the podcast Masters of Scale, would consider a drawback from being an infinite learner. Ideally I would find a scholarship to attend graduate school for free, possibly Penn State’s online Organizational Psychology program, but that’s doubtful. The two options I zeroed in on, then, became either learning Spanish or code. So, much to the delight of my Middle and High School self, I’m going to pick up coding again and learn Swift.

Graduate school was never a given for me and equally improbable was that I would attend a Jesuit program. I continue to be surprised by the doors that fortunately open for me, and how often those doors reconnect me to earlier themes in my life.